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PACKISM Toiletry Travel Pouches TSA-Approved

PACKISM Toiletry Travel Pouches TSA-Approved

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  • Enjoy stress-free travel with our 3.2 oz pouches; TSA-approved, for a hassle-free passage through security checkpoints!
  • Health + Safety Priority: Crafted with BPA-free, non-toxic materials, PACKISM Travel Pouches prioritize your wellbeing!
  • Refillable and versatile, PACKISM Pouches are the perfect travel companion for shampoo, conditioner, lotion, and soap. Make sure they join you on your next adventure!
  • Securely Contain Liquids: Sealed caps and reinforced edges lock liquids in, and keep messes out. No spills, no stress!

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Customer Reviews

Based on 33 reviews
Mary Wyley Jones

I like the fact that they are space savers and leak proof

Cute and functional

I like the understated pattern of these. The function and durability is also great. I used one for shampoo, one for conditioner, and the real test was for the cuticle removal liquid that is really water. I even had to fold the top over for it to fit and it did not leak at all. They seem to fill up faster than you’d think but I attributed that to the solid seam on the sides. These are a great size for about a week long trip and they fit sideways in the quart bag for TSA behind all my other bottles.

Kelsey Funk
Perfect for Travel!

These were perfect for a recent trip abroad! Didn’t leak and they slim enough to fit nicely in my cosmetic bag. Super light weight as well.

They don’t leak!!

I took a few of these with me on a two week vacation to Europe. They were awesome, and so much better than those little bottles.

You can write on them in permanent marker (surface of the pouch is a matte finish)
They hold a lot
They don’t leak
You can squeeze the pouch to get every last bit out
They work with thinner liquids/gels like shampoo and face wash AND thicker things like conditioner and body cream
They don’t take up much space. (I got all four in one thin compartment of my toiletries bag.)

The only con I can think of is cleaning them out to fill them with something different could be difficult. I don’t know because I haven’t tried yet. I just left them in my toiletries bag for my next trip. lol

I’ll never go back to those little bottles!

Great travel pouches

These pouches are easy to fill because of the wide opening. As the pouch says, it holds 3 oz/ 90 ml of liquid. I love the colors of the pouches. Once it’s filled, it can stand on its own. Now I prefer to use pouches over the bottles. At the end of my trip, if I use up all the things inside, I have a flat pouch to take home. The pouch is made of thicker plastic so they’re better quality in my opinion. They’re easy to pack in your suitcase or carry on.